We make renewables sustainable

As the first in the UK to construct, own and operate grid scale batteries, we have more experience than most.

We apply this experience to make renewable power work for everyone.

Eelpower understands the challenges to the electricity system as it transitions from centralised thermal generation to distributed renewables. Our background in solar PV, large scale hydropower and co-located commercial energy storage gives us the confidence and experience to construct and operate a UK-wide platform of large-scale grid-connected storage.

Eelpower’s platform of large-scale grid connected storage delivers grid stability and balance of supply and demand without which the energy transition cannot happen. By partnering with developers, landowners, manufacturers, contractors, market traders and funders, Eelpower is building the battery infrastructure for the UK to make renewables sustainable.

Grid stability in a high renewables environment

Balance in supply and demand from intermittent generation

The energy transition delivered cost effectively

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