We make renewables sustainable

Delivering a more secure, stable and sustainable electricity supply for the UK

Eelpower are pioneers in the development of the UK’s new electricity infrastructure

From building the first solar farms in UK in 2010, to run-of-river hydropower in 2014 and installing the first co-located batteries on solar in 2014 and hydro in 2017, the Eelpower team have been at the forefront of the UK’s switch to sustainable green energy and electricity storage.

Lower costs

Consumers avoid power cuts and unpredictable price spikes due to shortage of supply

Generating returns

Generators earn more by being able to store their power when supply is plentiful and sell it when prices are high

Better balance

The National Grid gets access to tools that it can use to balance the supply and demand on the grid

Investment opportunity

Investors earn a return from Eelpower providing these services
Eelpower addresses the challenges of the existing power infrastructure to deliver:
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  • a more stable, less volatile supply by the grid
  • a better balance of supply and demand
  • reduced cost to consumers

while allowing the nation reduce its consumption of fossil fuels and increase security of supply.

See the activities of our sister companies