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Ever since members of the Eelpower team built the UK’s first ground-mounted solar farm – way back in 2010 – we have been ahead of the game.

Great Britain is a windy island with a competitive, deregulated, market-driven electricity system; this is the perfect environment for the introduction of flexible battery assets. Eelpower has led this market since its inception.

We were the first to co-locate battery storage with solar (2014) and hydropower (2017) generation. This helped lead the way in the transition to greener energy that is both practical and profitable.

Today our focus is on a global multi-GW electricity storage platform of large-scale, grid-connected, standalone batteries, building on our pioneering success in the UK.

But Eelpower does not do this alone…

Our partners

Over the years we have built strong relationships with key players in the industry – from technology suppliers and contractors to investors and regulators – ensuring that we build the best team for each project.

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Contact us now about how to create vital, profitable and sustainable battery storage assets in new locations, grids and territories in the UK and worldwide.

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