Supporting a net zero electricity system: dynamic frequency response services now active

We are delighted to announce that batteries managed by Eelpower are now contracted to deliver National Grid ESO’s new frequency response service – Dynamic Moderation. This completes Eelpower’s trifecta of responsibility for delivering a full suite of new frequency response services.

Dynamic Containment, Dynamic Regulation and Dynamic Moderation are a suite of services designed by National Grid ESO to replace firm frequency response (FFR) as the response products needed to support a net zero electricity system. These three new dynamic services will deliver a faster response to frequency events, allowing the ESO to manage everyday frequency fluctuations more effectively.

These new services allow greater competition, by enabling access to a more diverse range of technologies, including variable generation, storage, and demand-side participants. This, alongside a move from month-ahead to day-ahead auctions, will contribute to better security and more cost efficiency for consumers.

Mark Simon, Chief Executive of Eelpower said: “We are proud to be supporting the transition to a net zero electricity system, helping National Grid ESO to manage frequency changes on the national electricity network.”

Eelpower’s 10MW Leverton battery has provided ancillary services since November 2017 and is now providing Dynamic services for the National Grid