SUSI-Eelpower and EDF bring North Scotland’s first 50MW battery into commercial operation

  • First 50 MW battery on the North of Scotland distribution network
  • One of the two largest operational Battery Energy Storage sites in Scotland
  • Instrumental in enabling increased integration of intermittent renewable energy and particularly Scotland’s substantial offshore wind capacity  

Earlier this month, SUSI-Eelpower, a joint venture between SUSI Partners and Eelpower dedicated to deploying large-scale battery energy storage assets in the UK, brought online the largest standalone operational battery storage in Scotland. The battery is located in Dundee and has a capacity of 50MW.

SUSI-Eelpower has selected EDF, a leading provider of battery optimisation and trading services in the UK, as trading and optimisation partner. EDF will provide market access and optimise operations via their market leading trading platform across all available revenue streams including balancing mechanism, trading, and ancillary services.

The Dunsinane battery energy storage site will play an important role in decarbonising energy by providing balancing services to National Grid which will allow the integration of greater levels of renewable generation.

Scotland is home to 60% of the UK’s offshore wind capacity which creates a challenge for National Grid given the intermittent nature of this resource.  Large scale battery energy storage sites such as Dunsinane allow the wind energy to be stored and used in times of peak demand for the benefit of Scottish homes and businesses.

Scotland’s ambitious climate change legislation requires the country to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.  It is forecast that offshore wind deployed in Scottish waters will rise tenfold, from 1GW today to 11GW by 2030. The first standalone distribution connected battery energy storage asset therefore represents a significant building block of national energy infrastructure and a major milestone for Scotland’s renewable energy journey.

Mark Simon, CEO of Eelpower, welcomed the 50MW Dunsinane battery entering commercial operations, saying “Dunsinane is the first of a series of large battery assets which will transform the ability of the grid to balance the rapid growth in intermittent renewable generation and help manage constraints at this critical part of Great Britain.  With EDF’s support, Dunsinane will deliver on the promise that flexible battery assets represent for Scotland”. 

Stuart Fenner, Head of Energy Trading Services at EDF, said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with SUSI-Eelpower ensuring they have a route to market for the first Scottish distribution connected battery. Battery storage plays a huge part in the road to net zero and helping to decarbonise our energy system and this is a major milestone for Scotland, as well as easing pressure on the National Grid.”

For SUSI-Eelpower, the battery in Dunsinane starting commercial operations comes shortly after the commissioning of a 10MW battery in Winchester, England, earlier this year. The Winchester battery is part of the Constraint Management Zone around the Rownhams grid supply point in Hampshire and will provide stability to a key congested part of the national electricity grid.

Dunsinane 50MW energy storage
Source: Eelpower