What we do

Leading owner, operator and optimiser of grid-scale battery storage

We understand the challenges facing the UK electricity system as it transforms away from centralised thermal generation to distributed renewables. Our background is in solar PV, large scale hydropower and in commercial energy storage co-located at renewable generation sites in the UK.

We work with both generators, consumers, national and local grid companies to increase their revenues / reduce their costs and reduce pressure on the electricity supply network.

Energy storage solutions can either be “grid connected” or “behind the meter”, such as those co-located with:

  • generators of power such as: solar farms or hydropower or land fill gas or onshore wind, or
  • consumers of electricity such as industrial parks, rail operators or water companies.

“Grid connected” solutions are energy storage assets with direct connections to the National Grid to provide much needed capacity, frequency response and balancing services.

Eelpower and our sister companies currently operate 6 grid connected sites of 34MW, with a further 38MW in build and a pipeline of 860MW. Eelpower plans to build 1GW of grid connected storage by year end 2021.


Focus on distribution-connected battery assets

  • Largest segment of the storage market
  • More potential counterparties
  • Most substitutable potential revenue streams
  • Dedicated focus on batteries


Scale enabling value creation

  • Accumulated know-how as providers of flexibility
  • Purchasing power
  • Counterparty of choice for the market
  • Offering the largest platform of flexible assets to the market


Optionality in the provision of flexibility

  • Manufacturer and technology agnostic
  • Collaborate with best-in-class OEM, delivery and market partners
  • Risk management and control linked to manufacturer warranty
  • Maintaining optionality as electricity market evolves


For transmission and distribution system operators, Eelpower provides

  • Frequency response;
  • Capacity Market;
  • Balancing services including ‘black start’ and
  • Imbalance services

At scale and avoiding capital cost to the system operator.

If you would like to talk to Eelpower on any of these applications of energy storage, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0330 330 9625 or email: development@eelpower.co.uk.

For industrial consumers, Eelpower works with landlords and major power consumers to:

  • Optimise the costs of electricity power purchase;
  • Avoid the high tariffs and other costs through intelligent time-shifting, and
  • Provide frequency response, demand-side response and other balancing services to the National Grid

These can be either:

  • Without capital cost to the power consumer, or
  • As a joint venture sharing the capital investment.

Eelpower will manage the grid and planning process, participation in all grid products and ongoing operations.

Eelpower is sensitive to the operational imperatives of industrial and commercial owners.


For generators, such as LFG, Solar, hydro, biomass and onshore wind, Eelpower draws upon its experience of owning and operating renewable Solar PV and Hydropower stations co-located with batteries to:

  • Provide frequency response and other balancing services to the National Grid, and
  • Allow time shifting and intelligent asset optimisation to maximise profitable revenues.

These can be either:

  • Without capital cost to the generator and integrated with existing generation, or
  • As a joint venture sharing the capital investment.

Eelpower will manage the grid and planning process, participation in all grid products and ongoing operations.

Battery Technology

Eelpower is investing in Lithium-ion batteries as these are considered the lowest technology risk available in the market today. Our current suppliers are BYD (see www.BYD.com) who are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of batteries, electric cars and buses (London’s new red buses are supplied by BYD) and solar PV arrays.

BYD’s UK partner, Anesco (www. anesco.co.uk), is well known to us having built Solar PV sites and supplied batteries co-located at our solar and hydro sites across UK.

Alternative suppliers include Tesla, who use their partner Panasonic’s Lithium-ion technology, NEC and LG Chem. All are significant global suppliers who we would be pleased to work with.

Battery technology will continue improve in future. Lithium-ion is the same technology used by Tesla’s 3,000 acre Gigafactory in Nevada, as well as the standard battery technology contained in the large majority of electric and hybrid cars today. Eelpower will continue to invest in the most reliable and proven batteries as they evolve, independent of manufacturer or technology.

If you are a manufacturer and would like to talk to Eelpower about new low-cost, proven battery technologies, please contact us on 0330 330 9625 or technology@eelpower.co.uk.

Asset Optimisation

Eelpower has been working with its partners, Limejump and Habitat, to maximise returns from its energy storage assets.   Eelpower values its network of large-scale commercial electricity storage infrastructure assets providing valuable services to generator and consumer landlord-partners as well as to the grid.

Eelpower is investing in developing its abilities to manage the electricity it stores intelligently and responsively so as to reduce volatility, balance supply and demand and reduce costs. The company uses the time-series data captured from these programmes to optimise the performance of the batteries.