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Battery storage assets provide the flexibility that is needed to balance intermittent wind, hydro and solar power with the demands of the grid. The grid of the future demands that energy, voltage, frequency, reactive power and grid capacity are balanced. Batteries are an essential component of any net zero energy system.

Eelpower constructs, owns and operates grid-scale batteries in the UK, with ambitious plans for expansion into international markets.

By working with a wide range of partners – from land developers to battery and technology suppliers to investors and more – we maximise the value of investments in batteries that make the energy transition possible.

A track record of success

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4 sites


Meeting the grid’s challenges

As grids across the world transition to renewable energy sources, they face challenges. The challenges of the energy transition create the need for flexibility and the market for the services of Eelpower’s network of batteries.

Intermittent generation

Decreasing inertia

Thermal constraints on the network

Ensuring net zero targets are achieved

Meeting global challenges

For Eelpower, the environmental, social and governance (ESG) imperative boils down to accelerating investment in sustainable renewable generation which can drive down the costs of energy. Over time, this will deliver a cleaner, safer, sustainable world where fuel poverty is history. Making renewables sustainable.

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